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  1. Tomas Isdal (isdal@cs)
  2. Michael Piatek (piatek@cs)
  3. Mike Toomim (toomim@cs)
  4. Dan Weld (weld@cs)
  5. Krzysztof (kgajos@cs)

The Rules

  • Players can challenge up to three places ahead.
  • If the challenger wins the match, then the winner will take the losers place, with the loser and all intermediate players moving down one place.
  • So far, we are playing one game only, win by 2 (if the game is tied 9-9, the win must be by 2 points).
  • If a challenge is not responded to within 5 active school days then the challenger wins by default.
  • Players may insist on a 2 day waiting period before being issued a rematch challenge.

Other Ladders

See the LazerTagLadder and PingPongLadder.