Education and Technology research seminar: 2005 Winter

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CSE 591ED Seminar Overview

As of 2005 Winter, this is the new wiki for the Education & Technology group's research reading seminar, CSE 591ED. Goals include sampling current research in CS education and educational technology, learning research methods in these areas, and discussing local research efforts.

Attendees should subscribe to the seminar mailing list. For more infomation, including list archives, see the mailing list's information page.

Home pages for past offerings are linked on the department's main page for CSE 591ED. Contact Richard Anderson for more information.

For convenient linking to this page, the URL is set up to automatically forward to this page. From computers on campus, www.cs/591ed/ even works!

2005 Winter Offering

We meet Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:00 am in CSE 503, with the option of extending discussion beyond the half hour.

Education & Technology group members: Our weekly group meeting immediately precedes the seminar, from 10:00 to 10:30.


date topic resources discussion
03 Jan planning topic and reading list below
last quarter's candidate reading list
12 Jan Ken's Punishment H.G. Taylor and L.C. Mounfield. Exploration of the relationship between prior computing experience and gender on success in college computer science. J. Educational Computing Research, 11(4), 1994. Ken
19 Jan Kolb and Zull! "Learning Exercises for the Rest of Your Brain," by Roger DeBry (CCSC Rocky Mountain 2004) Vibha
26 Jan Kolb and Learning Styles "McCarthy's 4MAT System" in Marching to Different Drummers by Pat Burke Guild and Stephen Garger Kate
02 Feb Initiative and Learning Mark G. Core, Johanna D. Moore, and Claus Zinn. The Role of Initiative in Tutorial Dialogue Tenth Conference of the EACL, 2003 Kate
09 Feb SIGCSE preview L.J. Barker, K. Garvin-Doxas, and E. Roberts. What Can Computer Science Learn from a Fine Arts Approach to Teaching. To appear, SIGCSE 2005. Ken
16 Feb qualitative research selections from report on NSF Workshop on Scientific Foundations of Qualitative Research
Monica: General Guidance, Recommendations for Designing, Evaluating, Strengthening", "Advancing the Scientific Basis of Qual. Research"
Ken: "Improving...proposal evaluation", "Problems of analysis"
Tammy: "Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research", "A Few Thoughts on Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods"
23 Feb cancelled SIGCSE 2005 in St. Louis, MO
02 Mar SIGCSE debrief Please show up at 10:00 am!
09 Mar defensive climate Barker et al. Defensive climate in the computer science classroom. SIGCSE 2002.
Garvin-Doxas & Barker. Creating learning environments that support interaction. SIGCSE 2003. (optional)
Barker & Garvin-Doxas. Making visible the behaviors that influence learning environment: A qualitative exploration of computer science classrooms. To appear in Computer Science Education. (optional; mail Ken for copy)

Candidate Topics and Readings

As usual, please feel free to add your ideas here:

  • R. Debry, 2004. Learning Exercises for the Rest of Your Brain. Proceedings of the Mideast and Rocky Mountain Regional CCSC Conferences. (Vibha)