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CSE 591ED Seminar Overview

As of 2005 Winter, this is the new wiki for the Education & Technology group's research reading seminar, CSE 591ED. Goals include sampling current research in CS education and educational technology, learning research methods in these areas, and discussing local research efforts.

Attendees should subscribe to the seminar mailing list. For more infomation, including list archives, see the mailing list's information page.

Home pages for past offerings are linked on the department's main page for CSE 591ED. Contact Richard Anderson for more information.

For convenient linking to this page, the URL is set up to automatically forward to this page. From computers on campus, www.cs/591ed/ even works!

2005 Spring Offering

Time: Tuesdays, 10:30--11:20 pm
Location: CSE 303

This quarter's topic will be Richard Anderson's research using Tablet PCs in the classroom to support Active Learning. If you are interested in learning more about the work, or participating in the project, you are encouraged to attend the seminar. For general information on the Classroom Presenter Project see the project web page. An archive of student submission material related to the seminar is available here.

very tentative topic list (subject to change beyond recognition):

  • Week 1 - Overview of winter deployments of Classroom Presenter
  • Week 2 - No class (CHI)
  • Week 3 - Pedagogy for Classroom Presenter
  • Week 4 - Active Learning in Computer Science
  • Week 5 - Experiences with Classroom Presenter in Elementary School
  • Week 6 - Student Behavior using classroom technology
  • Week 7 - Digital Ink Technology
  • Week 8 - Design of course materials for a data structures class using Classroom Presenter
  • Week 9 - Evaluating Learning outcomes
  • Week 10 - Technology directions for future work


date topic resources discussion
29 Mar overview of recent deployments Richard Anderson slides
05 Apr Presenter with Student Submissions in a software engineering course Valentin Razmov
12 Apr using student submissions in class class/demo exercise slides (PPT) Richard Anderson Annotated slides
19 Apr Active Learning with Student Submissions Annotated slides Richard Anderson
26 Apr Experiences with using Presenter in Elementary School Slides Krista Davis
03 May Student experiences with Technology Annotated slides Ken Yasuhara Pat's notes
10 May Digital Ink Technology Richard Anderson
17 May Data Structures Exercises Annotated slides Richard Anderson
24 May
31 May