Distribution of links transmitted per user

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I'll make of a graph of this soon.

Score:1, Count:12581

Score:2, Count:7809

Score:3, Count:5100

Score:4, Count:3567

Score:5, Count:2482

Score:6, Count:1797

Score:7, Count:1302

Score:8, Count:1015

Score:9, Count:778

Score:10, Count:603

Score:11, Count:446

Score:12, Count:344

Score:13, Count:281

Score:14, Count:237

Score:15, Count:221

Score:16, Count:150

Score:17, Count:111

Score:18, Count:101

Score:19, Count:86

Score:20, Count:84

Score:21, Count:69

Score:22, Count:60

Score:23, Count:56

Score:24, Count:34

Score:25, Count:35

Score:26, Count:25

Score:27, Count:26

Score:28, Count:23

Score:29, Count:22

Score:30, Count:18

Score:31, Count:9

Score:32, Count:18

Score:33, Count:15

Score:34, Count:10

Score:35, Count:5

Score:36, Count:11

Score:37, Count:5

Score:38, Count:10

Score:39, Count:3

Score:40, Count:6

Score:41, Count:1

Score:42, Count:3

Score:43, Count:3

Score:45, Count:3

Score:46, Count:1

Score:47, Count:2

Score:48, Count:2

Score:49, Count:1

Score:50, Count:2

Score:51, Count:1

Score:52, Count:1

Score:55, Count:2

Score:57, Count:2

Score:61, Count:3

Score:62, Count:1

Score:64, Count:1

Score:65, Count:1

Score:66, Count:1

Score:67, Count:1

Score:72, Count:1

Score:73, Count:1

Score:75, Count:1

Score:77, Count:1

Score:78, Count:1

Score:81, Count:1

Score:86, Count:1

Score:122, Count:1

Score:487, Count:1

This matches the number of times a user transmitted a link to how many users are in that quantile. So one user transmitted 487 links to other users, while 10 users transmitted 38 links.