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Platform Pros Cons Install??
Adobe Connect [1]
  • Flash/Action script would be easy to prototype new ideas
  • Web-enabled, participants don't have to download anything, just go to a URL
  • Recording built in
  • New "break-outs" allow small group discussion
  • Seems like we may be able to create individual views because one person can pause the webcam of another without affecting the global view.
  • Limited individual student flexibility (all students and teacher see the same display)
  • Video quality is not as good as others - actually it's unintelligible.
  • Video capability when lots of people have webcams, not much flexibility to reshape/zoom/crop video feeds.

Nope, just need a flash player

MS Conference XP [2]
  • Individual flexibility, people can move and reshape windows to best suite needs
  • Video quality seems good, but that might be because I tried it out on a local dedicated server.
  • Requires dedicated server and network support
  • Requires installation and setup that are a little cumbersome
  • Requires powerful computer, if not video is terrible (worse than Connect!).

Yes, heavy weight installation required

e/pop [3]
  • Individual flexibility, people can move and reshape windows to best suite needs
  • Video quality really good
  • Overwhelming for older/less powerful computers
  • Expensive
  • Not readily available through the web like Connect (requires download, demo, install, ...)
Easy install, but company makes it heavy weight, and must have a license.
Cisco's Webex
  • Looks a lot like e/pop
  • Seems expensive - not sure about video - more geared toward business meeting and sharing desktop apps
  • I think so, not sure
  • Open source version
  • Expensive service plan and hosting plan, not sure how that fits in with the open source stuff
  • Not sure
Elluminate [4]
  • Tons of cool features, captions-ready
  • Inflexible Layout, hard to configure or make windows any size other than what they are.
  • Yes, but fast java browser plug-in install (no restarting or anything)
CommuniClique [5]
Winba [6]